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how to write code (continued…)

Following on from yesterday’s top ten software development rules, let’s begin to expand on them a bit… 1. Every domain class should have a battery of tests for the behavior it is exhibiting (data only classes need no tests) There’s … Continue reading

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how to write code

This is going to be a very subjective post. I’ve been writing C# applications in .NET since the first release back in 2001 and I feel very comfortable with the language and the tool chain. I’ve certainly seen my fair … Continue reading

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the ‘merge’ in merge sort

Arguably the trickier part of the Merge Sort  is to implement the merge itself. The pseudo code for it when taken from the aforementioned link and rendered in genericized C# looks as follows: public static T[] Merge<T>(T[] left, T[] right) … Continue reading

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